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Top 10 Stocks with Highest Weightage in Nifty

by Anchit Shethia   ·  April 3, 2019   ·  

Top 10 Stocks with Highest Weightage in Nifty

by Anchit Shethia   ·  April 3, 2019   ·  

Nifty is an index of 50 companies in India. The price of nifty is determined by adding the price of these 50 companies in proportion to their weight in the Index. Below are the Nifty Top 10 stocks.

Top 10 Nifty  and Sensex Companies in 2020

1. Reliance Industries: This oil major company is the most expensive company by market capitalization in the Nifty Index. Reliance currently has a weight of 10.34% in the index. This means 10.34% of Nifty is Reliance alone. The market cap of this company is 880,888 Cr

2. Tata Consultancy Services: This is the second most valuable company in Nifty and also in Sensex. It has a 9.17% weight in the index.

3. HDFC Bank: This is the most valuable bank in India. The market cap of the HDFC bank is bigger than the market cap of all PSU banks combined. The weight of this bank in the index is 7.35%

4. Hindustan Unilever: This biggest FMCG company of India is the 4th biggest company in the nifty and Sensex with a weight of 4.3%

5. ITC: ITC is India’s biggest tobacco and also FMCG company. ITC has a weightage of 4.27% in the index.

6. HDFC: This is India’s biggest housing finance company and has a weightage of 4% in the index.

7. Infosys: This is India’s 2nd biggest IT company after TCS and is ranked 7th in the index with a weight of 3.89%

8. State Bank of India: SBI is India’s biggest PSU bank and 8th largest company in the index with a weight of 3.4%

9. ICICI Bank: This bank is India’s largest private bank and holds a weight of 3.1% in the index

10. Kotak Mahindra Bank: This bank hold the weight of 3% in the nifty index

So, these are the top 10 nifty and Sensex stocks by their weight in the index. The combined weight of these companies in the Nifty Index is 52%. Therefore more than half of the index representation is done by these companies.

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