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Get All News On Your Stocks & Shares With Google Alerts

by Abhishek   ·  March 11, 2015   ·  

An investor always wants to stay updated with the development in the company whose stock he is owns. The primary source of information is print and electronic media.  For the front line stocks all news are easily available. TV channels broadcasts it instantly and is discussed in  social media and business portals. But news about small and mid caps which are not in media focus is not easily available. 

I personally prefer investing in small and mid caps as they have multi bagger potential. I use Google alert to stay updated with important updates on my stocks. Google keeps track of everything in real time. As soon as the thing comes on internet Google indexes it. With Google alert you can get notification on certain topics when Google finds anything new.

Here are the steps that you have to follow to setup Google alerts for your favorite stocks.

Step 1: Go to Google Alerts

Step 2: Create alert for your stock by typing its name

Step 3: Click the ‘show options’. If you want instant alert select the ‘as it happens’ option. This can lead so many emails in your inbox if are creating alert for any front line stock. Or you can select the once a day or once a week option.  You can edit the options any time later to adjust the frequency of notifications.

Step 4: Select the source. If you want to know every thing discussed about your stock on the web then you can choose the automatic option. This will cover all sources. If you want alerts from selected and authentic sources only then you can choose the appropriate option.

Step 5: Select the rest of the options as per your requirement. Enter your email and hit the create alert button.

google alert for news on stocks and shares

Now Google will email you the latest contents regarding your stocks to your inbox. You can create different alert for different stocks.

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