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Fortunes have been won and lost in the share market. Legends like Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger and many more dug through research and made fortunes in the market so vast they could never be topped.

The same share market landscape sees people going shirtless on the streets every other day, it sees people cursing it and loathing it.

Fact: Market by itself can’t decide your tomorrow. It is your own decisions that make you or break you. Most investors conveniently assume that it is a simple buy and sell game. You buy cheap and sell high. But, how do you know what is LOW and HIGH? A stock trading at a low price can go further lower and the one trading at high can go further up. Without the proper knowledge, you can’t know the right price for entry or exit.

People who have made it big did not dive in with no preparation. They made calculated moves, they learned and then earned rather than going by just a hunch.

The importance of LEARN BEFORE YOU EARN has been understated. The result is that novices enter into the market with no previous homework and burn their pockets.

Chanakya rightly said that life is too short to learn from your own mistakes. The stock market is an opportunity, where people have made fortunes, it’s not a casino.

But learning about the market is a tricky deal too. It is a vast ocean and the depth is unknown. To help amateurs and professional traders and investors alike sail through, InvestorJi was conceptualized.

Investorji is an initiative, its seeds were sown with a vision to provide expert insight to investors and traders. Born in the year 2011, it came out as a result of the persistent efforts of its promoter, Abhishek Shukla, who nurtured it and gave his vision a shape in the form of InvestorJi.

Here you find answers to all the questions related to the Indian Stock market and get the opportunity to learn from the experts. The endeavor is to make investors and traders more informed and help them get into the market with all nuts and bolts. We offer Technical Analysis Course and fundamental analysis course, which are designed to impart the knowledge that will revamp how you trade and invest.

So come aboard and join us on this learning voyage.

Our Team

Abhishek Shukla


abhishek shukla investorji

Abhishek is an engineer by qualification and Financial Analyst by choice. His journey in the market started in the year 2008. He witnessed both the bull and bear phases during his career. He trained himself to be a patient learner first. All the years he read, he undertook intensive research and created a knowledge pool. His forte is Technical and fundamental analysis. His initiative www.investorji.in came with the mission to share the knowledge he attained and continuing the learning voyage. Since then many traders and investors have been benefitted by his teaching and expertise. He is the person who predicted this mother of the bull market in 2013 when Nifty was at 6300. The post can be seen on his Facebook wall.

Kashish shambhwani

Research Head


Kashish is an aspiring Chartered Accountant. He is an avid reader and has expertise in marketing, investment techniques, fundamentals, investor psychology etc. He has been active in market since 2012 and has been proactive in his approach.He believes that once you are sure about the fundamentals, you tend to take more informed and wiser trade decisions, and on same belief he made fundamental his locus of attention. He deals in equity and currency market  based on his research and analysis. He is a learner and a teacher. He makes the subject free from jargon and technical anomaly.






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