Chandan Ravandur N

I accidentally visited the blog post InvestorJi, found lot of information about market and investment. Found the author and sent him friend request in Social networking site this humble and down to earth person accepted my request and responded promptly for my questions about market companies and impact of political discussions on market and his view on various stocks etc..  One fine day I requested him to teach me the market and investing strategy to follow what all we need to know whether he is conducting any course etc. Luckily he was starting a new batch and I joined the same. <Conutinue to read > From the day one whatever the concept he teaches, he  Immediately  opens the chart and shows it practically and also he makes us open different scripts (charts)  and test our understanding which would be thought provoking. It may take years if someone wants to learn by them self’s. This course is for the people who really wants to learn market practically The genuine effort he puts to teach ,the knowledge he has and urge for continues learning have inspired me a lot .I thank him for being my guru/friend in market I have seen lot of people losing money in market without knowledge I feel  ignorance and lack of knowledge are the only reason.
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