NCFM Technical Analysis Module Mock Test

Recently I appeared in the NCFM Technical Analysis module exam and scored 89.5% .  In this post I will share my experience about the exam which you can use if you are also planning to go for it.

NCFM Technical Analysis Module Test Structure

The test duration is of 2 hours and in those two hours you have to answer 60 objective questions. Questions carries one, two and three marks. To pass the exam you have to score at least 60%. There is also negative marking. The certificate is valid for three years. Test is conducted online at various NCFM centers. You get the result instantly after you submit your answers. On scoring above 60% you get the certificate from the center itself.

Abhishek Shukla technical analyis

You are provided an Ebook which contains the study material for the test. All the questions asked are based on the study material only. The Ebook has seven chapters and at the end of each chapter some objective questions are given. 60% questions are exactly asked from those objective questions only. Below is the marks distribution weightage of each chapter.

Pay special attention to pattern understanding and candlestick patterns. You will be asked lots of questions based on patterns. Also study carefully different momentum indicators, their formulas and their applications. Also learn the quotes and books name mentioned in the study material of famous traders and investors.

Chapter Name % of questions asked
Introduction to Technical Analysis up to 12%
Candlestics up to 14%
Chart Patterns to 20%
Indicators up to 20%
Trading Strategies up to 12%
Dow and elliot wave theory up to 12%
Trading Psycology and risk management up to 10%

How to prepare for the test

The questions are not tough and a thorough study of the given study material is enough to pass the exam. Go through the NSE provided study material atleast three times. At the end of the chapter sample objective questions are given with answers go through them at least five times.

To help you prepare easily I have built a small technical analysis module mock test, where I have included the questions which where asked to me.

NCFM Technical Analysis Module

NCFM Technical Analysis module mock test. In the actual exam 60 questions are asked which you have to complete in 2 hours time. Passing percentage is 60 and there is 1/4 negative marking for each incorrect answer.

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