L&T Mutual Fund launches short term debt fund

L&T mutual fund has launched short term debt fund scheme . This fund will invest the money in quality debt / fixed income securities and money market instruments.

This fund is good for those who do not want to take risks . As this fund will invest in debt instruments your money will be safe and you can expect a decent return . As the interest rates are currently at peak investment in debt could give you better risk free return . The fund manager endeavors to build a diversified portfolio of debt fixed-income instruments with varying maturities of shorter tenure

An exit load of 0.5% will be charged if your investments are redeemed on or before 6 months; However, no exit load will be charged if investments are redeemed after 6 months. However bonus units and units issued on reinvestment of dividends shall not be subject to exit load.

Minimum application amount is Rs 5000 and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter .NFO will close on 21st December 2011

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