How to setup Amibroker database for NSE EOD

If you are a trader who does his own research instead of following others call, then you must be knowing about technical analysis and chart study. There are many free charting software that you can use, but if you want to do advance level of technical analysis for higher accuracy then you should use some advance technical analysis software

One of the most popular chart analysis software is Amibroker, which is used by many trader across the world. The setup of amibroker is little complicated, you have add data feed manually. Below is the step by step guide to setup Amibroker database  for NSE End of the Day (EOD) data using bhavcopy.

Step 1. Install Amibroker in your system.

Step 2. Run GetBhavCopy tool by Hemen Kapadia. If you dont have this tool then download GetBhavCopy free.

Step 3. Click on the “Options ” button , under the Equity NSE tab , set the directory folder , where the data will be saved. Keep the rest of the settings as you are seeing in the below image.

getbhavcopy heman kapadia

Step 4.  Select the period for which you want to download the data, here I am doing just one months data. After the complete download you will see the download complete message.

getbhavcopy amibroker data download

Step 5.  Now run your amibroker software, from the file menu click on NEW and then on database. Set the database folder, the folder name will be your database name, click on create button,  I am using NSE here.

amibroker create database

Step 6. Now will import the data, from the file menu click on Import Wizard , Click on Pick files button and open any one of the file from the directory we created in the step 3 . On clicking the next button setup

Step 7. In this step we will define the file format, check  “add current settings to ASCII importer”  In the description box enter NSE and in the file format box enter NSE.format and click on finish .

setup amibroker database

Step 8. Now from the file menu select “Import ASCII ”  and select all the files which we have downloaded in the step 3 and 4 . Make sure that the file type selected is NSE.

Your amibroker in now ready for use , for updated data you have download and import EOD file like this . You can keep monthly files in a folder by naming each folder on the name of the month.

Update: GetBhavCopy is not working any more. You can use NSE Eod data downloader.

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