Astrological View For The Rest Of 2013 On Indian Stock Market

We are seeing a rally in the Indian market this year in 2013 and they are approaching towards the high of 2010-2011,even some kind of madness in Indian markets are possible in  this year. How long will this really sustain ? Can Nifty hit the all time high ? The nifty astrology analysis  has some answers for this.

Sun entered the house of Taurus on May 14th. Sun in the biggest neutralizer between mercury and Venus.Weakness disappears as the Sun has entered the Taurus sign. The conjunction of mercury Venus will be on 25th May 2013. We may see sharp correction due to this conjunction. Period from 27 May to 7 June will be good for Indian markets because  the distance between mercury and Venus will start to rise. Jupiter will enter Gemini on the night of 30th May 2013. We may see lot of changes politically by 27th June 2013. From 7th june 2013 distance between mercury and Venus will again start declining and they will finally conjunct in Gemini on 23rd June 2013 so this period will call for caution for longs but shorts will enjoy the fall which may be from heavy to very heavy.

As rahu and Saturn join each other in swati nakshatra from 23rd June some kind of unprecedented rally is expected in financial markets after 23rd June in the month of June itself. This conjunction does happen only in about 150 years so real impact is difficult to identify in terms of percentage. The exact conjunction will happen on 25th September. Remember, whenever rahu is responsible for up-move it also traps the people at fag end and people make huge losses.this year lots of other trikon yogas are formed between Jupiter-Saturn,Jupiter-rahu and Neptune-Jupiter which call for big rally.

Investment must be barred for few months from September to December 2013 and total concentration on trading may fetch good returns. INVEST in first week of January 2014 for mega returns in subsequent months.

Bears will wait dangerously for some reason in Oct-Nov 2013 to trap bulls and create unprecedented crisis, reason is very simple like 1930-Jupiter remains retrograde in beginning and end of the year. Total distance traveled by Jupiter is 38.21 degrees compared to 38.25 in 1930 Journey is same from Taurus to Gemini. Something financially bad might happen to US that time. Timing will be the key to success.

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